Never stop learning,
because life never stops teaching

The Foundations for a Great Career

We want our employees to succeed. Without them we could not realise our vision to Go Further | Build Smarter.

At John Paul Construction, we foster an environment that nurtures individual skills and provides meaningful opportunities for personal and professional growth. We achieve this through a dedicated programme of training, mentoring, management development, chartership opportunities and on-the-job support.

We asked some of our people about what they thought are the best and most rewarding aspects of working for us. This is what they had to say:

Luke Gahan, Site Engineer

“The best part about working for John Paul Construction is that I feel valued, and it has a great company culture which is really attractive to work for. It has a good open-door policy and you can voice your opinion at any time. I’m getting experience in large-scale projects and have job satisfaction that is second to none.”

Kelly Byrne, Contract Surveyor

“I have worked in sectors such as high-end commercial fitouts to residential, operations centres to pharmaceutical, so I have really gained an extensive amount of knowledge of the various sectors that will really improve me in my career.”

Rebecca O’Rourke, Design Coordinator

“Working for John Paul Construction has provided me with exposure to the Irish construction industry and to technology and construction processes that I have never dealt with. To me, the most important thing in a job is to be happy in it. It’s important to me to work within a team I’m comfortable and happy with, have the ability to develop my career and have good mentorship, and all those things are at the core of John Paul’s culture.”

César Aristides Valle Henríquez, Graduate Engineer

“It’s so dynamic and there are so many things to learn. At the end of the day, I feel very happy because every day I learn not only one thing, but many things and I think that’s the best part of working here.”

Sam Ellwood, Assistant Contract Surveyor

“Getting to the end of a project and driving past it in a couple years’ time and knowing that you were involved in getting that to development, is a really rewarding part of being an on-site surveyor.”

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