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Digitisation – the three pillars

Improved Efficiency

Through the use of digital systems and tools

Better Decision Making

Supported by rigorous data analytics

Improved Communication

By integrating systems to ensure optimal flow of information

Working digitally to deliver on the ground

Because change is a constant in digital innovation, our approach is always evolving to ensure we are using technology, data and systems in ways that enable us to complete projects more efficiently and to a higher standard.


of our projects are delivered through
the Level 2 BIM process

VDC, BIM and Digital Technology

Through seamless integration of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), advanced digital tools, and BIM methodologies, we enhance design coordination, clash detection, logistics management, and project visualisation. Real-time drone and point-cloud data ensures precision, mitigates risks, and brings certainty to project timelines.

Our mobile-enabled hand-held technology systems bridge the gap between the office and the construction site, offering real-time data access, on-site data capture, accurate reporting, and instant project insights through dashboard analysis.

Driving Change

We are committee members of the Build Digital Project, a government driven initiative to transform construction in Ireland through digital enablement. We collaborate on the Standards Pillar, developed to review and interrogate established global standards and propose appropriate solutions for the Irish construction market. This overall initiative feeds into and supports Project Ireland 2040.

Build Digital Project

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