Considerate Constructors

We are acutely aware that our construction projects bring us into many local communities and are committed to minimising the impact in these communities and creating a positive effect. We achieve this through early engagement, forward planning, good communication and innovative construction solutions.


Each of our projects are registered to the Considerate Constructor Scheme (CCS). This scheme aims to improve the image of construction, with each project independently assessed under the five pillars of the scheme:

  • Caring about appearance
  • Respecting the community
  • Protecting the environment
  • Secure everyone’s safety
  • Valuing the workforce


We work in local communities to deliver on these five pillars and enhance these communities. Our independent assessments by the Considerate Constructor Scheme continually score well above industry standard and we have been recognised through certificates of excellence and with national awards.

Considerate Constructors Scheme - John Paul Construction
Considerate Constructors Scheme - John Paul Construction