Private Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Plant
Extensive civil engineering and infrastructure works to support a new fabrication building across a site area of 170,000m² close to a mission critical live operational environment. Works were completed across nine zones under a fast-track programme and included water and air purification, wastewater treatment, facility heating, waste processing, and gas and electrical infrastructure.
  • Private Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Plant
Square Metres
Million Contract Value
Months Project Duration

Project Overview

The project consists of a manufacturing facility, process-specific support system building, ultra-pure water building, electrical 110kV substation, emergency generator yard, boiler chiller plant, oil-free air building, process waste building, personnel and material handling links, bulk gas/spec gas tank yard, and associated site infrastructure.

Building works included:

  • Installation of under slab services.
  • Substructure, superstructure and structural concrete works.
  • Roads and yard areas.
  • All site works and surfacing including all kerbing, gullies, drainage channels and hard landscaping items.
  • Fitout of buildings including all partition systems, internal and external doors, stairs, ceiling grid systems.
  • All buildings had significant below ground structures in the form of trenches, pits and pipework up to an internal diameter of 1.8m with significant pumping chambers up to 6.0 m deep and other external structures.

All works were carried out within a live production facility alongside multiple contractors and within a tight site boundary, which required an agreed project plan and control measures to comply with the facility’s procedures and protocols.

The overall project was managed and delivered through BIM.

Key Features

  • Construction of CSA elements of multiple buildings across a live production campus:
    • Manufacturing facility (LCF)
    • Process specific support system building (PSSS)
    • Ultra-pure water treatment building and pumping station (PUB)
    • Electrical 110kV substation (SES)
    • Emergency generator yard (EGEN)
    • Boiler chiller plant (BCP)
    • Oil-free air building (OFA)
    • Process waste building (PWB)
    • Personnel and material handling links
Project Team
Project Details
Contract Value:
€110 Million
Floor Area:
32 months