48MW High-Capacity Data Centre, Meath
Construction of a new two-storey 48MW data centre in Meath.
  • 48MW High-Capacity Data Centre, Meath
Square Metres (Shell & Core)
Million Contract Value (Total)
Month Project Duration (Phase 1)

Project Overview

The project involved the construction of a new two-storey, 48MW data centre comprised of 12 data halls, two of which were completed in Phase 1, with the remainder to be delivered on a phased basis.

During the early stages of the project we overcame significant ground condition challenges encountered, by developing a ground stabilisation solution that mitigated potential commercial and schedule impacts on the project.

The phased fitout of the data halls consisted of top-down construction using a racking system, installation and commissioning of MV Switchgear, DAHU’s, CRAC’s, UPS and complex bus duct, tap-off, and hard wire power distribution system. The scope included a Cat A fitout of an administration area. Works also included associated external infrastructure, external plant yards, ancillary buildings, hard standings, perimeter security fencing, and landscaping.

We managed, coordinated and integrated all client direct vendors and long-lead equipment on the project. Additionally, we coordinated and integrated the BMS, EPMS and security systems. All systems were commissioned from Level 1 – 5 to IST.

Key Features

  • Full CSA and M&E fitout including top-down construction of all critical M&E elements using a racking system
  • Complex diesel fuel distribution system and associated fuel farm and infrastructure
  • Specialised BMS / EPMS infrastructure and systems
  • CRAC and AHU installations with humidified water system (adiabatic cooling)
  • Construction and hand-off of ESB MV Substation
  • Coordination and integration of all client direct vendors and equipment
  • Full commissioning to IST
Project Team
Quantity Surveyor:
Structural Engineer:
M&E Consultant:
Project Details
Contract Value:
€86 Million
Floor Area:
28,000m² (Shell & Core)
12 months (Phase 1)