220kV Substation Phase 4
Design and build contract for the civil and structural elements for Phase 4 of a new 17,000m², 220kV substation for the expansion of a data centre in Clonee, Co. Meath.
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Project Overview

This project comprised a design and build contract for the civil and structural elements of a new 17,000m², 220kV substation for the expansion of a data centre in Clonee, Co. Meath. This marked Ireland’s second privately funded and constructed 220kV substation requiring ESB / Eirgrid design approval.

The design process was initiated from concept / planning stage and proceeded through the design development process for submission to the client and relevant power stakeholders for approval. Following the receipt of their feedback, a robust design refinement process commenced with the client and relevant power stakeholders to achieve design approval.

Every aspect of the project, from building structures, roadways, drainage to underground ducting routes, were modelled in 3D to assist with installation efficiencies and avoid unwarranted clashes.

Throughout the project duration, we leveraged our ongoing experience with precast concrete construction techniques, employed for commercial and residential structures, to introduce a precast concrete design for the client’s control building, which also included insulation and render/acrylic wall finishes. This precast concrete design was a “First of Kind” for any building structure within a 220kV substation in Ireland.

Innovative solutions were also utilised on other build elements such as an optimised transformer bund design whilst maintaining oil capacity requirements. This was achieved by reducing bund depth and introducing a suspended steel gantry deck/GRP floor with hardcore cover layer. The steel gantry/GRP floor solution was also utilised to maximise space within MV pits and provide a “clear space” under the MV equipment of the full MV room floor area.

Key Features

  • Design and build of a 220kV substation to facilitate a 62,000m² data centre
  • Construction of 105 equipment bases, trafo bunds, cable troughs and ducting
  • 16 reinforced concrete bases supporting 30m high mono-pole lightning masts on 3m x 3m x 2.5m RC bases incorporating 10 holding down bolts in a circular assembly
  • Two RC cable seal end-bases to facilitate underground National Grid connection
  • Two RC transformer bunds supporting 18,500kg transformers with 8,500lt oil capacity
  • 380m of GRP cable troughs with trafficable covers
  • Two Eirgrid buildings (control and diesel generator) in blockwork construction
Project Team
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Project Details
Contract Value:
€6.2 Million
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11 months