16MW High-Capacity Data Centre, UK
Construction of a new 16MW, 8,692m² high-capacity data centre in the UK.
  • 16MW High-Capacity Data Centre, UK
Square Metres
Million Contract Value
Months Project Duration (Phase 1)

Project Overview

The project involved the construction of a single storey, 16MW high-capacity data centre comprising four data halls, administration building and all associated external infrastructure, external plant yards, ancillary buildings, hard standings, perimeter security fencing, and landscaping. One data hall was fitted out as part of phase one with the remaining three to be fitted out on a phased basis.

Initial works involved the demolition of existing structures and a significant bulk earthworks operation involving the treatment of variable ground conditions across the site. This included resolving complex archaeological, ecological and environmental constraints.

As part of the scope, we constructed MV incomer buildings and substation for the local power utility provider.

We managed, coordinated and integrated all client direct vendors and long-lead equipment on the project. Additionally, we coordinated and integrated the BMS, EPMS and security systems. All systems were commissioned from Level 1 – 5 to IST.

Key Features

  • Full CSA build and M&E fitout including top-down construction of all critical M&E elements using a racking system
  • Combination of hard wire and busduct power distribution system
  • MV building construction and full MEP fitout including switchgear
  • Back-up belly tank diesel generators and fuel distribution system
  • Coordination and integration of all client direct vendors and equipment
  • Full commissioning to IST
Project Team
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Structural Engineer:
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Project Details
Contract Value:
€63.8 Million
Floor Area:
12 months