16MW High-Capacity Data Centre, UK
Construction of a new 16MW, 8,692m² high-capacity data centre in the UK.
  • 16MW High-Capacity Data Centre, UK
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Project Overview

Within 12 months, we completed the fast-track construction of a single storey, 16MW high-capacity data centre comprised of four data halls and an administration block.

The project involved the demolition of two existing data centres followed by a huge volume of earthworks and works on below ground infrastructure including gas, electricity and storm water systems. The site also involved a huge archaeological scope of works as well as grass being moved overground.

Despite the added challenges, we completed the data centre, the full mechanical and electrical fitout, two-line perimeter fencing, and security gates within the tight timeframe and to the satisfaction of our client.

We installed all the critical M&E elements using a racking system and built a combination of hard wire and busduct power distribution systems.

Construction and delivery of MV incomer buildings and MEP fitout included a utility company substation delivery and associated switchgear.

The building itself was built on a traditional concrete pad foundation with structural steel columns, and featured CRAC and DAHU installations with humidified water systems along with complex process water installation and plant.

Key Features

  • Full CSA build and M&E fitout including top-down construction of all critical M&E elements using a racking system
  • Combination of hard wire and busduct power distribution system
  • MV building construction and full MEP fitout including switchgear
  • Back-up belly tank diesel generators and fuel distribution system
  • Coordination and integration of all client direct vendors and equipment
  • Full commissioning to IST
Project Team
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Project Details
Contract Value:
€63.8 Million
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12 months