A9 1360 Cromarty Bridge Scour Repairs

We are delighted to have been retained by Transport Scotland and Bear Scotland to perform further Scour repairs to the A9 Cromarty Bridge. Our appointment follows a previous project completed in 2017. The project involved scour repair works to six piers. Our scope of work included:

  • Excavation of the seabed around the pile cap to the required formation level and slope
  • Installation of geotextile to be situated on the dredged surface profile and around the pile cap where specified
  • Placement of rock armour on the geotextile in the dredge cut, starting from the revetment toe and building up to the underside of the pile cap
  • Pumping of backfill material into the voids where present under the pile caps, with pumped material secured by geotextile and rock armour
  • Placement of excavated seabed material at the toe of the rock armour to seabed level

All works were successfully handed over on time and to budget.