A1 Craighall Junction – Project Update

Date: July 19, 2022

Works have reached the first key milestone on the A1 Craighall Junction Completion Project in Edinburgh, with the recent opening of the A1 temporary diversion. This 4 lane dual carriageway diversion will allow the busy A1 to remain open while construction of the new underpass takes place over the summer months.

The underpass onsite construction methodology increases safety on site by reducing the interface between site operations and live traffic. The duration has been reduced by diverting the traffic and by utilising offsite manufacturing of a precast portal frame which is 57.5m long x 15.6m wide x 5.3m high coupled with 4d construction planning to optimise construction sequence and site logistics.

Significant progress has also been made on the offline roads and junctions which when complete will provide full access to the A1 both North and Southbound. These works have been planned successfully through careful engagement with East Lothian Council, Amey Consulting and other key Stakeholders.