At John Paul Construction, Innovation is an integral part of our culture and fundamental to our ability to deliver value to our Clients.


We work with investors, developers, architects, designers, and our supply chain to deliver smarter solutions that exploit the latest technological advances and product innovations.


We nurture an environment where our people are encouraged to constantly challenge how we can do things safer, smarter, better, quicker and at lower cost.


Our experienced preconstruction teams work collaboratively with design teams, to input into the design and influence construction solutions development, at an early stage, utilising our knowledge of the latest construction techniques.


Digital technology is transforming the way construction and infrastructure projects are designed, delivered, and operated.  With a significant investment by the business over the past number of years, John Paul construction are at the forefront of the deployment of BIM and other digital tools in support of construction delivery across its projects.


Our construction techniques are constantly evolving and changing. In recent years, a key focus has been to further develop the use of Off Site Manufacturing, Prefabrication and Modularisation techniques to deliver projects more efficiently, safely and cost effectively. We have proven off-site delivery experience across a range of sectors.

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