Health & Safety

At John Paul Construction our safety message is simple – Worksafe – Homesafe. Our overriding commitment is that everyone goes home safely at the end of each working day and this commitment extends to the health, wellbeing and mental health of all our staff, our supply chain and all others who work on or are affected by our operations.


This commitment is Director led and runs through everything we do as an organisation. We have a strong and committed senior management team who provide safety leadership across our projects. Our health & safety management system is a well-developed and mature system, that is certified to ISO 45001:2018 and our team of EHS professionals work closely with our individual project management teams to advise and support in the implementation of this management system.


Our Worksafe Homesafe behavioural safety programme brings our message to each and every person who works on our sites and promotes buy-in to health, safety and wellbeing at every level in a real and meaningful way.


John Paul Construction’s approach to health, safety and wellbeing continues to be recognised as industry leading through various annual awards, however we never standstill and continue to improve and innovate in order to further raise these standards in our organisation and across the construction industry.

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WorkSafe HomeSafe

Our Worksafe – Homesafe programme is designed to fundamentally change attitudes to safety. The objective is to develop a positive safety culture where people recognise the safety risks and work safely because they believe in it rather than blindly following safety rules.


The programme explores the human factors that contribute to accidents and incidents and how through simple changes and developing safe habits we can create safer workplaces. Positive engagement and feedback are central to the programme which requires participation at all levels.


The Worksafe – Homesafe philosophy runs through everything we do and is providing sustained improvements in our overall safety performance, with excellent buy-in from our workforce.

John Paul Construction - Health & Safety
John Paul Construction - Health & Safety
Health & Safety - John Paul Construction