Digital Technology

John Paul Construction have been at the forefront of construction technology for many years.  We strive to improve the quality of our project management systems and project delivery using digital technology, reducing the duration and cost of construction.



John Paul Construction have established BIM management systems, recognised and BSI accredited to ISO 19650 part 1 and 2 for the capital / delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling.


We recognise the benefits that BIM brings to our projects by reducing cost and programme, whilst improving the quality of construction through:

  • Clash detection
  • Visualisation
  • Planning and logistics using 4D timelining
  • Asset model information at handover


Common Data Environment (CDE)

We use various Common Data Environment (CDE) platforms to adopt a collaborative approach to the management of design information on all our projects. Regardless of BIM requirements, all of our projects now benefit from our enterprise CDE Viewpoint for Projects©. Our stakeholders benefit from using this process-driven information management tool, expediting project information flows and allowing live access to all project information users through tablet-based and website applications.


Tablet Technology

Electronic tablets have become an essential tool for our project delivery team, providing access to all of the latest design information in the field.  The use of tablets with the Fieldview© application is being used to manage all aspects of our safety, quality and BC(a)R inspection regime.  This efficient system has replaced traditional paper inspection systems, allowing our management to be based full-time out on the site where they are most effective, whilst reducing administration time and improving the quality of inspections and the information recorded. All contractors on our projects are expected to assist in this process – receiving, managing and closing out actions electronically through the application.



Our in-house drones, operated by trained drone pilots, provide invaluable project support through photographic and video progress recording, as well as time-lapse videos essential to the project team.  Our use of drones for 3D laser scanning provides topographical surveys in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, an invaluable resource particularly on civil engineering projects.


Augmented Reality

Visualisation of the design is a key element in the construction of today’s complex construction projects.  Using the Dalux© BIM viewer we are embracing the benefits of augmented reality.  Importing federated models, managers can visualise all components or layers of the finished building on-site.  It has become an important management tool for checking the works, resolving clashes and simply providing visual assistance to workers and end users.

Digital Technology - John Paul Construction
Digital Technology