John Paul Construction

Ballynagran Phase 2 & 3 Landfill Cell Construction

Construction of 52,500 m2 of impermeable developed landfill area over 4 cells with the capacity to hold 1.3 million tonnes of waste in two phases to expand the Greenstar facility at Ballynagran landfill in Wicklow.

  • Site clearance, enabling and haul / access road construction
  • Bulk excavation 260,000 m3 / bulk filling 245,000 m3
  • Clay liner placement 1.0 m (1×10-9m/s) 52,500 m2
  • Clay liner extracted from on site borrow pit
  • HDPE 2 mm thick liner, geotextile and 0.5 m leachate stone
  • M&E under cell drainage and leachate pipework
  • Rigorous QA to EPA guidelines